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Kevin Sutton Show|Sports And Entertainment Talk Radio| ESPN Orlando

Aug 14, 2018

Monday August 13th 2018

Welcome to the show! Today, is a sad day as we lost yet another former WWE superstar in Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. He was 63 years old and we have yet to figure out what caused his death. This brings the crew to discuss how wrestling and living that lifestyle does to the body. We play a clip of Roddy Piper breaking it down saying how they use all these substances and it's hard for them to make it out alive. Piper even predicted that he wouldn't make it to 65. Mayra receives some hate mail through Facebook because her campaign is gaining traction! She's got them shook! It's #MoneyMoneyMonday and the crew discuss how Shaq saved his money, and we compare athletes and celebs net worth. Many have changed!